Can SLEPc handle 1mx1m matrix?

Takuya Sekikawa sekikawa at
Sun Nov 29 19:12:11 CST 2009

Dear SLEPc/PETSc team,

In past I have made eigenvalue solving program with SLEPc.
At that time matrix size was at most 10000x10000.
(that program is running with no problem)

Now I need to extend it to handle 1,000,000x1,000,1000 matrix.
(100 times larger than before, in row and column each)
Also, over 99% of matrix values are zero. (sparse matrix)
and I don't need all the eigenvalues/vectors.
I only need several large magnitudes.

I think I could handle it with indirect method like KRYLOVSCHUR or
LANCZOS, plus using MPI, but I'm not sure if I can.

Can SLEPc handle these quite large matrix?

  Takuya Sekikawa
         Mathematical Systems, Inc
                    sekikawa at

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