use of VecPlaceArray in parallel with fortran

Wienand Drenth w.drenth at
Tue Nov 10 06:32:27 CST 2009

As a follow-up of my previous email, I have tried the following:

bvec is a Fortran array
bseq2 is a sequential PetSc vector created only on processor 0
b is the parallel PetSc vector I use in KSPSolve

I fill bvec with bvec(i) = i, and b gets initialized to all ones.

then I do
      if (rank.eq.0) then
        call VecPlaceArray(bseq2, bvec, ierr)
        do my_i=1,m*n
           call VecGetValues(bseq2,1,II,v,ierr)
           write(*,*) "bseq2 rhs: ", II, ": ", v, " for rank ", rank

this prints nice 1, 2, etc

Next I want my parallel vector b to be filled. So I use VecScatterCreatertoZero.

      call VecScatterCreateToZero(b,vscat,bseq2,ierr)
      call VecScatterBegin(vscat, bseq2,b,INSERT_VALUES,
     >    SCATTER_REVERSE,ierr)
      call VecScatterEnd(vscat,bseq2,b,INSERT_VALUES,
     >      SCATTER_REVERSE,ierr)
      call VecScatterDestroy(vscat, ierr)

However, now b is filled with zeros. (If I would change the order in
the VecScatterBegin and VecScatterEnd (first b, then bseq2), possible
in combination with SCATTER_FORWARD, then b will still have its
original ones.)

I cannot immediately see what I did wrong here, so I hope somebody
could give a further hint.


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