Reuse matrix and vector

Jed Brown jed at
Tue Nov 10 06:08:45 CST 2009

jarunan at wrote:

> The code is compiled with the optimized version of PETSc. The row
> indices and column indices for each row are sorted. Well, they are not
> sorted for diagonal or off-diagonal part.

I recommend using a debug version for all testing and only the optimized
for production/scalability.  You should use
MatCreateMPIAIJWithSplitArrays() if you have these available separately.
But it sounds like you have one big array where each row has the
diagonal part followed by the off-diagonal part?  This format can't be
used directly by PETSc, just preallocate with
MatMPIAIJSetPreallocation() and use MatSetValues().


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