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On Thu, Mar 12, 2009 at 8:20 AM, Santolo Felaco <ahuramazda10 at>wrote:

> Hi I use Petsc 2.3.1 (I don't use the last version because I work on a
> software developed with this version).
> I tried to used the Petsc socket, but the client and server programs but
> they don't connect (the execution is blocked).
> I am using two examples of Petsc:
> I tried to execute ex42a on machine and ex42 on other machine, and I
> execute both programs on same machine.

1) It is extremely hard to debug old code. We have made several socket fixes
for new OS/architectures.

2) Make sure you start the server (ex42a) and then the client (ex42)

3) Run using the debugger, -start_in_debugger, and give us a stack trace of
the hang


> Do you help me? Thanks.
> Bye.
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