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Dave Lee dave at vpac.org
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Thats ok, thanks Matt. Just so i'm clear - if i call SNESCreate_Picard(), that will set all the other SNES functions to their _Picard equivalents, then i can just use the regular SNES function calls (without having to set the build F or build J functions) to solve my problem. This is right yeah?


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I am responsible for the Picard implementation, and also for the lack of 
documentation. It has only quadratic line search now. I can give an 
example of custom line search if yo want. 


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Does PETSc v. 3.0.0 include a fully implemented Picard non-linear solver? I'm just wondering because there seems to be some functionality in the src/snes/impls/picard directory, but there's very little documentation on any of this in the online index pages, and nothing in the version 3.0.0 manual... 

Cheers, Dave. 

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