PCNN-preconditioner and "floating domains"

Andreas Grassl Andreas.Grassl at student.uibk.ac.at
Mon Jun 29 18:08:06 CDT 2009

Barry Smith schrieb:
> On Jun 29, 2009, at 4:55 PM, Andreas Grassl wrote:
>> Furthermore I'm wondering about the size of the coarse problem. From my
>> understanding it should include all interface DOF's? But the size I
>> get is the
>> number of subdomains...
>   It should be the number of subdomains times the dimension of the null
> space for the subdomains.
> For Laplacian that is just the number of subdomains. For 3d linear
> elasticity it is 6 times the number of subdomains.

Ok, slowly I get an idea where I have to change the code (at least I want to
give it a try).



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