PCNN-preconditioner and "floating domains"

Andreas Grassl Andreas.Grassl at student.uibk.ac.at
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Barry Smith schrieb:
>    To modify the code for elasticity is a big job. There are two faculty
> Axel Klawonn and O. Rheinbach
> at Universität Duisburg-Essen who have implemented a variety of these
> fast methods for elasticity.
> I suggest you contact them.

I wrote an email last week, but I still have no answer. Investigating further my
code and the source code related to IS I noticed, that there is a flag
pure_neumann which I guess should handle the singular Neumann problems giving
the problem, but from my understanding of the code flow there is no situation it
is set true. Is this flag a remainder from previous implementations or am I just
looking at the wrong place?

Furthermore I'm wondering about the size of the coarse problem. From my
understanding it should include all interface DOF's? But the size I get is the
number of subdomains...

Last but not least I wanted to thank for the fast help you provide and to
apologize for the questions, which may seem rather stupid but help me to find
the right understanding.



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