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Andreas Grassl Andreas.Grassl at
Fri Jun 5 01:49:42 CDT 2009

Andreas Grassl schrieb:
> Barry Smith schrieb:
>>    Run with GMRES, what happens?
> Same behaviour...

i.e. 443 iterations. Although I noticed some differences between giving the ksp
and pc type hardcoded or as runtime options. (443 vs. 354 its on gmres and 339
vs. 333 on cg)

I don't have to reorder the matrix manually, right?

output of -ksp_view

KSP Object:
  type: gmres
    GMRES: restart=30, using Classical (unmodified) Gram-Schmidt
Orthogonalization with no iterative refinement
    GMRES: happy breakdown tolerance 1e-30
  maximum iterations=10000
  tolerances:  relative=1e-08, absolute=1e-50, divergence=10000
  left preconditioning
PC Object:
  type: nn
  linear system matrix = precond matrix:
  Matrix Object:
    type=is, rows=28632, cols=28632
      Matrix Object:(is)
        type=seqaij, rows=7537, cols=7537
        total: nonzeros=359491, allocated nonzeros=602960
          using I-node routines: found 4578 nodes, limit used is 5
      Matrix Object:(is)
        type=seqaij, rows=7515, cols=7515
        total: nonzeros=349347, allocated nonzeros=601200
          using I-node routines: found 5159 nodes, limit used is 5
      Matrix Object:(is)
        type=seqaij, rows=7533, cols=7533
        total: nonzeros=357291, allocated nonzeros=602640
          using I-node routines: found 4739 nodes, limit used is 5
      Matrix Object:(is)
        type=seqaij, rows=7360, cols=7360
        total: nonzeros=364390, allocated nonzeros=588800
          using I-node routines: found 3602 nodes, limit used is 5



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