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> Dear all,
> In my application, there is a linear system to be solved in every time
> step.  Steps 0 and 1 work well, but in step 2 PETSc fails to converge. I
> suspected that the system might be unsolvable in that step and checked that
> by writing matrix and the right hand side to files and loading them into
> "octave".  Surprisingly, "octave" does find a solution to the system without
> any problems.
> The problem occurs even on a single core.  I am using PETSc version
> 2.3.3-p11 with the GMRES solver and ILU preconditioner.
> Can anybody give me a hint which settings would PETSc reliably enable
> solving systems of the type that I face?

If we could, we would already have retired. There are simply no iterative
solvers that work for all systems. The
best preconditioners are usually tailored to the particular equations being
solved. I would suggest a search of
the literature for PCs for your equations.



> I have put matrix and right hand side on my homepage; they can be
> downloaded from<>(7MB).  In octave, I used the following commands to find and check the
> solution:
> octave:1> matrix2
> octave:2> vector2
> octave:3> x=Mat_0\Vec_1;
> octave:4> res=Mat_0*x-Vec_1;
> octave:5> norm(res)
> ans =  1.0032e-12
> octave:6> norm(Vec_1)
> ans =  27.976
> octave:7> norm(Mat_0,"fro")
> ans =  2.5917e+22
> octave:8> norm(x)
> ans =  3855.3
> Best Regards,
> Tim
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