MatGetArrayF90 returns 2d array

Barry Smith bsmith at
Wed Jul 1 13:36:01 CDT 2009


     Could you please convert these (both the stub code and the F90  
interface) to use a 1d array? In both 3.0.0 and petsc-dev.



On Jun 30, 2009, at 6:37 PM, Jed Brown wrote:

> Matthew Knepley wrote:
>> I thought the idea was that MatGetArray() never applies to a sparse
>> matrix.  No other sparse format supports this, does it?
> That's not true at all, but the result is implementation-dependent.   
> For
> example, the array for AIJ is different from the array for BAIJ.  For
> this reason, you shouldn't be calling MatGetArray unless you know the
> matrix type, but of course the F90 interface should agree with the C
> interface.
> Jed

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