matrix building question

Matt Funk mafunk at
Tue Dec 15 16:58:44 CST 2009


i was wondering if it is mandetory that when i populate a parallel matrix, 
that all rows owned by given processor are continously numbered?

I.e. say that a given process owns 500 rows. Could i build the matrix such 
that the first 250 rows have row numbers: 0-250 and the second 250 rows have 
row numbers, say: 750-1000?

Or do they HAVE to be numbered continous, for example: 0-500 or 250-750?

I was under the impression that they had to be continously numbered due to the 
example given on p.55 of the user manual. However, i might have simply 
misunderstood what it is saying.
Also, reading the section on paritioning makes me think that it might be 
possible to break the numbering up as mentioned above.

I hope i am making sense ...


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