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This should be good enough


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> Hello,
> I have a problem using 'VecScatterCreateToZero'. I attach to this
> email a test code that illustrates the problem. I create a 2D DA then
> I ask for the coordinates (that have been set just before), which are
> returned in a global vector. I want to write the coordinates in a
> file, so I use 'VecScatterCreateToZero' to put all the values in
> sequential vector. It seems to work fine but sometimes (depending on
> the number of proc used) the coordinates in the sequential vectors are
> ordered differently.
> to run the code and see the problem :
> mpiexec -n 4 ./vecdacoord > problem.txt
> I have attached problem.txt too.
> Is someone can explain to me how I could obtain my coordinates in a
> natural order ?
> Thx

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