Introducing sources in ODE?

Barry Smith bsmith at
Tue Aug 18 21:52:00 CDT 2009

    I'm sorry, we never thought to add this support to the "linear  
case". You could use the nonlinear TS interface to solve your problem,  
but that is a bit overkill since it is only linear in U.
What particular integrator are you interested in using? Perhaps you  
could add it yourself once you understand the source code in TS. Or  
perhaps someone else has time to try to add this support?

   Me, I'd just try doing it with the nonlinear interface where the  
entire Au(t) + f(t) is the nonlinear RHS you provide and A is the  
Jacobian you provide.


On Aug 17, 2009, at 9:58 AM, zhifeng sheng wrote:

> Dear all
> I would like to use Time-steppers - ODE integrators - TS to solve my  
> time domain problem...
> However, the equation has the form Au(t) + f(t) = u'(t) ... and by  
> looking into the example code, I could not find a way to introduce  
> the source term f(t)... Does anyone know how to do that? If you do,  
> please help with this.
> Thanks and best regards
> Zhifeng

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