-snes_type test

(Rebecca) Xuefei YUAN xy2102 at columbia.edu
Tue Apr 21 14:05:59 CDT 2009


I am testing my hand coded jacobian matrix in multi processors with  
the option "-snes_type test -snes_test_display", and I find that
1) my hand coded jacobian is different from the finite difference  
jacobian running with 2 processors.
2) my jacobian is the same as the finite difference jacobian matrix  
running with 1 single processor.
3) my hand coded jacobian with 1 processor is the same as my hand  
coded jacobian with 2 processors.

Where could be wrong about multiprocessors' jacobian matrix?

Thanks very much!
(Rebecca) Xuefei YUAN
Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics
Columbia University

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