setting values in parallel vectors

Khan, Irfan irfan.khan at
Thu Apr 2 11:54:34 CDT 2009

I have a question about setting values in parallel vectors. Which of the following two options is more efficient or does it matter at all.

Using VecGhostGetLocalForm:

 - Obtain the local array form of global vector using VeGhostGetLocalForm() and VecGetArray()
 - Fill in the values 
 - Use VecGhostRestoreLocalForm() and VecRestoreArray()
 - Use VecGhostUpdateBegin() and VecGhostUpdateEnd()

Using VecSetValues:

 - Fill in the values of the values in the global parallel vector using VecSetValues()
 - Use VecAssemblyBegin() and VecAssemblyEnd()

Please note that in both the cases the values being filled are local values to the rank.

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