how to specify hosts to mpiexec? -machinefile doesn't work

Karl Zeilinger zkarl at
Tue Sep 2 06:10:37 CDT 2008

I have installed PETSc with the following commands from the installation documentation on the website, downloading a local mpich installation:
>export PETSC_DIR=$PWD
>./config/ --with-cc=gcc --with-fc=g77 --download-f-blas-lapack=1 --download-mpich=1
>make all test

A first test with a modified ex2.c from the tutorials ("mpiexec -np 4  ./ex2") was successful, but showed that all processes run on the local host, as no machine file is given.

Trying to run:
>mpiexec -np 4 -machinefile /opt/mpich/share/machines.LINUX ./ex2
produces this error:
>invalid mpiexec argument -machinefile
>Usage: mpiexec -usize  -maxtime  -exitinfo -l\
>               -n  -soft  -host  \
> ...

How can I specify the hosts which the mpich (downloaded during the PETSc installation) is supposed to use?


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