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Hi Matthew,


I do have Petsc 2.3.3-p15 built under Windows XP and Vista with either
VS2003 or VS2005 as a DLL. They are built with downloaded BLAS and LAPACK
and MPICH2 for both Release and Debug configurations. If you want them I can
email them to you as a standalone directory so that you can simply link to
it.  My email address is bui at






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Hi Matt,

thanks for your infos!

what source-package do you recommend  to download for my case?

and where do I have to compile it? 

Best regards

Matthew Knepley wrote:

On Fri, Oct 24, 2008 at 8:07 AM, Franz Th. Langer
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is there a precompiled parallel Petsc-lib which I could use under Windows
2000, vc6.0 ?

We do not provide precompiled libraries, only source code. The great variety
systems makes it too hard to maintain these.

Best regards

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