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Hi Satish,

thanks very much for quick infos!

I understand that I have to use  mpirun or mpiexec.
(I still dont know how the system knows which procs can be used?)

(in rexecshell one can fill in a list with the node-names)

my questions arise out of the following situation:

under cygwin:

1. I downloaded Petsc and made the necc. definitions

2. make all (everything ok!)

3. make test ( (everything ok!)

under the tests there are also test for parallelizations!

I still dont know how Petsc was doing this tests???

I may have missed something , but I never found a call to mpirun or mpiexec?

perhaps you can explain it?

Best regards

Satish Balay wrote:

>On Thu, 16 Oct 2008, Franz Th. Langer wrote:
>>System: Windows 2000, cygwin
>>parallel computation with MPI
>>(I am a newcomer to cygwin, I wrote a lot
>>of par. progs for VC 6.0 +MPI.)
>>compiling and linking of my par. petsc-program under cygwin is ok!
>>I can run the program on 1 proc only!
>>when I want to use more then 1 proc I am using Rexecshell!
>>than the program querries about a wrong commandline?
>>-under cygwin: do I have to use  something else than Rexecshell? 
>>-what has than to be installed/initiated on the other procs?
>Cygwin is used only to build libraries. If you built PETSc with MPI -
>then you have to use the MPI startup mecanism [i.e mpiexec or mpirun]
>to start parallel MPI jobs.

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