Performance Issues on ccNuma-System

Christoph Statz christoph.statz at
Mon Oct 13 07:12:51 CDT 2008

Dear PETSc-users,

i'm trying to work with PETSc on a ccNuma-system, where i am  
confronted with severe performance problems.
Is there anyone using PETSc on e.g. a SGI Altix System?
Which are the best kernels to use on cache coherent systems?
The fortran kernels produces many cache misses (in functions like  
fsolve and fmatmul) slowing down a 3GFLOP/s machine to about 200MFLOP/ 
s .
Has anyone any advice to increase speed on ccNuma-system?


Christoph Statz

Christoph Statz

Institut für Nachrichtentechnik
Technische Universität Dresden
01062 Dresden

Email:  christoph.statz at
Phone: +49 351 463 32287

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