problem of parallel MatAssembled

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> Are you completelly sure that you collectively called at ALL processes
> MatAssemblyBegin(A, MAT_FINAL_ASSEMBLY)
> Please, note the MAT_FINAL_ASSEMBLY. If you used MAT_FLUSH_ASSEMBLY at
> some process, then what you get is expected.

I will check it.

> Not sure what you are trying to do, please elaborate a bit more. Why a
> call like this
> PetscInt row = ...
> PetscInt ncols = ...
> PetscInt *cols_indices = ...
> PetscScalar *cols_values = ...
> MatSetValues(A, 1, &row, ncols, cols_indices, cols_values, ADD_VALUES)
> is not enough for you?

I am using a complex way to deal with multi-material domain.
The domain is  decomposed into several regions with different material.
Each region has its own governing equation. As a result, I first build 
equation on each region, then processing
region interface and boundary.
Many boundary types (more than 10) exising to my problem.

For a node located on the region interface, the two region both own a copy 
of the node, so I need to combine
the governing equation of the two node. For a variable with continuous value 
on the interface, the sum of 2 equation should be zero and the
value of two node should be equal. So I need to add some rows to other rows 
to the petsc vector.and give a euqation as  v1-v2=0

And the equation is nonlinear, I have to evaluate  Jacobian matrix, which is 
done by AD from the equation evaluation in each region.
So I also need to add some rows of jacobian matrix to other rows.
I wonder how others process multi-material problem?


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