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Barry Smith bsmith at mcs.anl.gov
Tue May 6 15:47:37 CDT 2008

On May 6, 2008, at 12:53 PM, Amit.Itagi at seagate.com wrote:

>>> One question : How compatible is PetSc with Blitz++ ? Can I declare
>>> the
>>> array to be returned by DAVecGetArray to be a Blitz array ?
>>   Likely you would need to use VecGetArray() and then somehow build
>> the Blitz
>> array using the pointer returned and the sizes of the local part of
>> the DA.
>>   If you figure out how to do this then maybe we could have a
>> DAVecGetArrayBlitz()
>>    Barry
> Barry,
> I did some more thinking about this. If I have a standard C array (any
> dimension) that is stored in a contiguous block of memory (with  
> regular
> ordering), there is a Blitz constructor that can convert it to a Blitz
> array.
> I took a look at the source of DAVecGetArray. The array generation  
> depends
> (in the VecGetArray3d source) on VecGetArray, and a short code that
> allocates storage to store the pointers and to do the pointer  
> assignments
> to appropriate parts of VecGetArray. Looking at the assignments, it  
> looks
> like the 3D array returned by DAVecGetArray has the contiguous,  
> regularly
> ordered storage format that Blitz expects. Is this correct ?

    The value returned by VecGetArray() returns a simple contiguous,  
> ordered storage format that Blitz expects. I highly recommend you  
> simply
call the VecGetArray() and then the Blitz constructor; there is  
absolutely no reason
to use the 3d array returned by DAVecGetArray() for this.


> Thanks
> Rgds,
> Amit

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