reading matrices in the smart way

Gideon Simpson grs2103 at
Fri Mar 7 18:02:57 CST 2008

Suppose I've dumped a seqaij matrix to binary, and I now want to read  
it in and do something with it, perhaps in a distributed manner.  When  
I execute MatLoad, I need to give it a matrix type, and I am wondering  
what the smart thing is to do.  I'd like it to work both when I am  
testing it serially and running it on a cluster.  Assuming I still  
want AIJ format, should I set it to MATAIJ?  Can I feed it a command  
line option to override whatever I hardcode it to?

i.e., if I code

MatLoad(viewer, MATSEQAIJ, &A);

but run the executable
./ex -mattload_type mpaij

will it run as though it were with MATMPIAIJ?


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