Direct LU solver

Amit.Itagi at Amit.Itagi at
Tue Mar 4 11:36:04 CST 2008

> Are you using petsc-dev or a released version?
> If petsc-dev with the newly released superlu_dist_2.2,
> there is a bug in reusing parallel LU symbolic factorization
> which I've reported to the developer of superlu_dist_2.2.

I am using petsc-2.3.3-p8 with the download_superlu=1 option. Looking at
the externalPackages folder, I have superlu_dist 2.0.

> Otherwise,
> can you send me a simplified code that display the crash?
> Then I may run it and see if petsc superlu_dist interface has bug.
> You may also test other parallel direct LU solvers, e.g.,
> mumps or spooles.

I will create some simplified code that captures the problem.
Thanks a lot, Hong.

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