Support for Howell-Rutherford or Howell-Boeing Sparse matrix format

Barry Smith bsmith at
Mon Feb 18 16:00:39 CST 2008


     We have not provided supported library routines for this since  
we've found that actual ASCII file formats often
require slightly different readers. And thus we could not provide  
robust readers. Instead we have some example
routines in src/mat/examples/tutorials/, specifically ex78.c that the  
user may modify for their exact needs.

   I've added this information to our FAQ.


On Feb 18, 2008, at 12:27 PM, Keita Teranishi wrote:

> Hi,
> I am wondering if there is any PETSc routine that loads Howell- 
> Rutherford or Howell-Boeing format, and converts it to AIJ format  
> automatically.  Since there is a huge collection of sparse matrices  
> at University of Florida, such routine is very useful for  
> benchmarking KSP and PC.
> Thanks,
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>  Keita Teranishi
>  Math Software Group
>  Cray, Inc.
>  keita at
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