Overdetermined, non-linear

Erlend Pedersen :. erlend.pedersen at holberger.com
Fri Feb 1 05:54:24 CST 2008

I am attempting to use the PETSc nonlinear solver on an overdetermined
system of non-linear equations. Hence, the Jacobian is not square, and
so far we have unfortunately not succeeded with any combination of snes,
ksp and pc.

Could you confirm that snes actually works for overdetermined systems,
and if so, is there an application example we could look at in order to
make sure there is nothing wrong with our test-setup?

We have previously used the MINPACK routine LMDER very successfully, but
for our current problem sizes we rely on the use of sparse matrix
representations and parallel architectures. PETSc's abstractions and
automatic MPI makes this system very attractive for us, and we have
already used the PETSc LSQR solver with great success.

Thank you very much.

Erlend Pedersen :.

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