Petsc questions

Nguyen, Hung V ERDC-ITL-MS Hung.V.Nguyen at
Thu Aug 14 09:37:38 CDT 2008

Hello All,

I am new to PETSC. I have following questions about PETSC:

1. Do PETSC functions help to estimate/calculate a matrix condition number?
If yes, can I get the info how to do it?

2. A question about renumbering nodes: our CFD code uses ParMetis to compute
the original partitioning of the mesh.  The global nodes are renumbered
consecutively within each Parmetis partition as npetsc which is a mapping
vector from the original global node numbering to the new numbering, see
below as a test code. My question is whether PETSC function helps to renumber
from ParMetis partition to PETSC partition or not?

Thank for your help.


-- code:
!         Read the data.

      fname = 'petsc.dat'
      call parnam (fname)
      open (2, file = fname, status = 'old')

!         No. global nodes, local nodes, owned nodes,
!         compressed columns, PEs.

      read (2, '(5i10)') ng, nloc, nown, ncol, npes

      if (noproc .ne. npes) then
        if (myid .eq. 0) then
          print*, 'Number of PEs from the data file does not match', 
     &      ' the number from the run command.'
        end if
        call PetscFinalize (ierr)
      end if

!         Local node array containing global node numbers.

      allocate (nglobal(nloc))

      read (2, '(8i10)') nglobal

!         Find petsc numbering scheme.

      allocate (nown_all(noproc))
      allocate (idisp(noproc))
      allocate (npetsc(nloc))
      allocate (nodes1(ng))
      allocate (nodes2(ng))

      call MPI_ALLGATHER (nown, 1, MPI_INTEGER, nown_all, 1,

      idisp(1) = 0
      do i = 2, noproc
        idisp(i) = idisp(i - 1) + nown_all(i - 1)
      end do

      call MPI_ALLGATHERV (nglobal, nown, MPI_INTEGER, nodes1,
     &   nown_all, idisp, MPI_INTEGER, PETSC_COMM_WORLD, ierr)

      do i = 1, ng
        ii = nodes1(i)
        nodes2(ii) = i
      end do

!         Process the local nodes for their petsc numbers.

      do i = 1, nloc
        ii = nglobal(i)
        npetsc(i) = nodes2(ii)
      end do

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