configure stalling on MacOSX

Knaepen Bernard bknaepen at
Fri Oct 12 02:28:20 CDT 2007


is it normal that the ./config/ stalls for a long time when building petsc-2.3.3-p6 on MacOSX? The step at which it stays stuck is:

TESTING: checkSharedLinkerPaths from config.setCompilers(python/BuildSystem/config/

It remains there for around five minutes then continues the configure process without problem. Except that it leaves a fortran process alive that I have to manually kill later on. This process looks like:

17623 fortcom     60.8%  5:06.44   1    13    60   364K  12.1M  2.23M  57.8M
17614 ifortia32    0.0%  0:00.02   1    14    19   392K  1.96M  1.86M  29.0M
17613 ifortbin     0.0%  0:00.01   1    13    16   148K   992K   876K  28.6M

when I use the top command.

I am configuring with the following options:

/config/ --with-cc=mpicc --with-fc=mpif90 --with-hypre=1 --download-hypre=1 --with-debugging=0 COPTFLAGS=-O3 FOPTFLAGS=-O3 --with-cxx=mpicxx --with-x=0 --with-sudo=sudo

The system is MacOSX 10.4.9 (latest) running on a MacPro (or Macbook Pro) and the fortran compiler is ifort 10.0.17.


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