Version of Mpi and fblaslapack

Mads Hoel mfhoel at
Fri Oct 12 00:59:15 CDT 2007

På Fri, 12 Oct 2007 01:35:01 +0200, skrev Trivedi, Jagruti CIV 470000D,  
474300D <jagruti.trivedi at>:

I found out that linking PETSc with another library (Diffpack) compiled  
with different
versions of MPI will crash when calling InitializePetsc(...). My solution  
to drop running config/configure with --download-mpi option, but have MPI
point to the correct installation of MPI using the  
--with-mpi-dir=/path/to/mpi option.

> Hi there,
> How do you find out which version of mpi and fblaslapack you need with
> which version of PetSc?
> I am interested in PetSc 2.2.1. I need to install PetSc 2.2.1 to
> recreate the working scenerio for my
> Application.
> My application compiled and linked ok with PetSc 2.3.3 but it crashes so
> I need to duplicate my
> Application working on PetSc 2.2.1.
> If I run config/ with download option, it downloads the
> latest version of mpi and fblaslapak.
> B/R,
> ...Jagruti

Mads Hoel

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