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Wed Oct 3 00:11:59 CDT 2007


I'm trying to use SNES to solve a problem. I wrote the code above to evaluate the residual of the linear system. In this routine norm_2 of F is different from zero but outside of this routine norm_2 of F is zero. 

#undef __FUNCT__
#define __FUNCT__ "FormFunction1"
PetscErrorCode FormFunction1(SNES snes, Vec X, Vec F, void *_simulator) {
Simulator   *simulator = (Simulator*) _simulator;
PetscErrorCode ierr;

        VecView (X, 0);
        ierr = simulator->CalculateMatrixCoefficient(X); CHKERRQ(ierr);
        ierr = simulator->CalculateSourceTerm(X); CHKERRQ(ierr);
        ierr = simulator->CalculateResidual (X, &F); CHKERRQ(ierr);

        cout << "Residual " << endl;
        VecView (F, 0);  // norm_2 of F is != zero
        return 0;


// End of routine

Messages from  -snes_view:

 0 SNES Function norm 0.000000000000e+00
SNES Object:
  type: ls
    line search variant: SNESLineSearchCubic
    alpha=0.0001, maxstep=1e+08, steptol=1e-12
  maximum iterations=50, maximum function evaluations=10000
  tolerances: relative=1e-08, absolute=1e-50, solution=1e-08
  total number of linear solver iterations=0
  total number of function evaluations=1
  KSP Object:
    type: gmres
      GMRES: restart=30, using Classical (unmodified) Gram-Schmidt Orthogonalization with no iterative refinement
      GMRES: happy breakdown tolerance 1e-30
    maximum iterations=10000, initial guess is zero
    tolerances:  relative=1e-05, absolute=1e-50, divergence=10000
    left preconditioning
  PC Object:
    type: ilu
      ILU: 0 levels of fill
      ILU: factor fill ratio allocated 1
      ILU: tolerance for zero pivot 1e-12
           out-of-place factorization
           matrix ordering: natural

// end of message

I dont know why  "SNES Function norm 0.000000000000e+00" if
F's norm_2 inside my routine is not.  Has anyone that could sugest how to fix this problem ?

Thank you in advance.

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