[Beowulf] Better C2D or Quadcore

amjad ali amjad11 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 09:26:32 CST 2007


What will you be doing with PETSc? It has lots of options and
capability. What
type of problems will you be solving?

I want to solve some CFD problems using PETSc.

BTW - I'm still getting some information, but if you drop back to 8
> systems, I
> know of an inexpensive 8-port Infiniband switch (SDR). You can also find
> inexpensive IB SDR NICs. When you go above 8 ports you have to either
> switch to a large switch or start looking at using several tiers of
> small switches
> (the guys at aggregate.org can help there).

Yes I can drop to 8 systems. So please tell me about that.

My basic question was that whether C2D E6600 nodes will be better than a
Quadcore which would be somehow nearer in price?

regards to all.
Amjad Ali.
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