Memory allocated by PETSC?

Satish Balay balay at
Wed Feb 28 17:36:46 CST 2007

On Wed, 28 Feb 2007, Shi Jin wrote:

> Thank you very much.
> This is very helpful.
> So the mismatch in size only comes from MatLoad()?
> I am actually not a big fan of loading the matrices
> either. I used it just to do some test. There is no
> need to change the implementation for me at all.
> So can I say that if I am going to construct the same
> Matrix in the code using MatCreateMPIAIJ() and if I do
> the preallocation exactly, then I should see roughly
> 15MB of memory used? 

more or less.. However this number [Maximum memory PetscMalloc()ed]
corresponds to malloced memory only. RSS numbers would be different.

Note that the extra memory in MatLoad() is just temporary - i.e its
freed at the end of this function. [and in the next stage the solver
might take lot more memory than this temporary matload stuff]


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