algebraic multigrid preconditioner

Lisandro Dalcin dalcinl at
Tue Feb 27 17:41:11 CST 2007

Well, in our cluster, the debug version need
[dalcinl at aquiles ~]$ du -sh /usr/local/petsc/dev/lib/linux-gnu
163M    /usr/local/petsc/dev/lib/linux-gnu

but the optimized version only need

[dalcinl at aquiles ~]$ du -sh /usr/local/petsc/dev/lib/linux-gnu-O
18M     /usr/local/petsc/dev/lib/linux-gnu-O

Can you afford to have 20M in your cluster account? Of course, you
will need many more space for building PETSc, but perhaps you can do
that on /tmp or some public scratch space.

Or even better, ask your cluster sys admin to build PETSc with your
specific configure options (in your case, with hypre), usig an
appropriate name for PETSC_ARCH, for example

On 2/27/07, Niriedith Karina <niriedith at> wrote:
> Finally I understood =D ...but...i have a account in the
> cluster is limited...i use petsc but it's installed previously in the
> university i have a month using question is it's the only
> way to do that right,( reinstall petsc)?
> Thanks!

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