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Lisandro Dalcin dalcinl at gmail.com
Tue Feb 27 13:35:41 CST 2007

In case this helps you, here goes what I usually do for installing
petsc in our cluster, in a central location. Make sure 'mpicc' is in
your $PATH, the first line is to be sure about this.

$ which mpicc
$ tar -zxf petsc-2.3.2-p8.tar.gz
$ cd petsc-2.3.2-p8
$ export PETSC_DIR=`pwd`
$ export PETSC_ARCH=linux-gnu
$ touch ~/.hypre_license
$ python config/configure.py --prefix=/usr/local/petsc/2.3.2
--with-shared=1 --with-hypre=1 --download-hypre=ifneeded
$ make
$ su -c 'make install'
$ export PETSC_DIR=/usr/local/petsc/2.3.2
$ make test

On 2/27/07, Niriedith Karina <niriedith at gmail.com> wrote:
>  i did that...and the configuration was successful
> ./configure
> and then
> make install
> but it doesn't work :(
> I think that may be the dir where i did it is the problem...
> petsc in /opt/petsc/
> hypre in /opt/hypre/
> (sorry also i'm new in  english and  linux :P )
> Help me....
> :(

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