Manav Bhatia manav at u.washington.edu
Tue Feb 20 23:00:31 CST 2007

>> -- setting KSP and PC types
>>    From what I understand, I can set up the KSP and PC type of the
>> transient solver, which will be used only if I specify an A matrix
>> for the problem. In addition, I can independently set the KSP and PC
>> type of the SNES used by TS, which is used by the time solver.
> The solver is only used if you specify an implicit method. The KSP  
> and PC
> type are used by either a SNES or just the KSP itself depending on  
> whether
> the problem is nonlinear.

So, if I have a problem with a LHS matrix, and I want to use an  
explicit method, then do I have to invert the matrix before asking  
the solver to run? i.e. the solver will not do that for me?


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