Partitioning on a mpiaij matrix

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Fri Feb 9 14:21:03 CST 2007

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From: Barry Smith <bsmith at>
Date: Friday, February 9, 2007 8:09 pm
Subject: Re: Partitioning on a mpiaij matrix

>  MatConvert() checks for a variety of converts; from the code
>    /* 3) See if a good general converter is registered for the 
> desired class */
>    conv = B->ops->convertfrom;
>    ierr = MatDestroy(B);CHKERRQ(ierr);
>    if (conv) goto foundconv;
> now MATMPIADJ has a MatConvertFrom that SHOULD be listed in the 
> function table
> so it should not fall into the default MatConvert_Basic().
>  What version of PETSc are you using? Maybe an older one that 
> does not have
> this converter? If you are using 2.3.2 or petsc-dev you can put a 
> breakpoint in MatConvert() and try to see why it is not picking up 
> the 
> convertfrom function? It is possible some bug that we are not 
> aware of
> but I have difficulty seeing what could be going wrong.
>   Good luck,
>   Barry
I used the 2.3.2-p8 from the lite package (the one without the

I'm sorry i'm not longer at work so i can't test anything before monday.

Dimitri Lecas

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