Partitioning on a mpiaij matrix

LECAS Dimitri dimitri.lecas at
Fri Feb 9 11:33:40 CST 2007


I thinks i find a "bug". I try to use parmetis for partitioning a matrix
 created with MatCreateMPIAIJ. 

Here the output :

[0]PETSC ERROR: No support for this operation for this object type!
[0]PETSC ERROR: Mat type mpiadj!
[0]PETSC ERROR: MatSetValues() line 825 in src/mat/interface/matrix.c
[0]PETSC ERROR: MatConvert_Basic() line 34 in src/mat/utils/convert.c
[0]PETSC ERROR: MatConvert() line 3134 in src/mat/interface/matrix.c
[0]PETSC ERROR: MatPartitioningApply_Parmetis() line 47 in
[0]PETSC ERROR: MatPartitioningApply() line 238 in

If i understand correctly, MatPartitioningApply_Parmetis try to convert
the matrix in format MPIAdj and failed because we can't use MatSetValues
on a MPIAdj.

It's possible to easily avoid this bug ?

Best regards

Dimitri Lecas

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