PETSc runs slower on a shared memory machine than on a cluster

Lisandro Dalcin dalcinl at
Sat Feb 3 19:37:42 CST 2007

On 2/3/07, Shi Jin <jinzishuai at> wrote:
> Thank you
> I rebuilt MPICH-2 with --with-device=ch3:shm and
> --with-pm=gforker
> I did see a slight improvement in speed. However,
> compared with the cluster runs, the shared-memory
> performance is still not as good at all.
> So I think the problem is indeed in the memory
> subsystem as Satith said.

Shi, can you provide me some more info about all this?

- What kind of problem are you solving?
- Are you using MATMPIAIJ or MATMPIBAIJ?
- What do you use to partition your problem (ParMetis)?
- How many processes do you have in your run (-np option) ?
- When you run in your cluster, you launc 1 process in each CPU of
your node? I mean, do you have 4 processes runing in each node?
- What kind of network do you have in your cluster? GiE? or something better?

I ask all this regarding previous comments of Barry and Shatish. If
you have 4 processes running on each node, them surely communicate
each other using the loopback interface, and this will have a
bandwidth similar to your memory bandwidth, so in your case not all
communication will go through the wires...

Sorry for my English,

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