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amjad ali amjad11 at
Thu Dec 6 23:44:37 CST 2007

Hello all,

I want to bulid a beowulf cluster of 16+1 nodes with each node having one
Intel Core2Duo (2.66 GHz, FSB 1333MHz, 4MB L2) processor and GiGE as the
interconnect. On this cluster, I would run my PETSc based CFD/FEM codes
(REQURING VERY FAST MEMORY/high memory bandwidth). Please help me out to
select out any one of the following boards:

1) Intel Server board S3200SH, System Bus 1333MHz, supprting 240-pin DDR2
800 MHz RAM
2) Intel Desktop board DX38BT, System Bus 1333MHz, supprting 240-pin DDR3
1333 MHz RAM

See that RAM speed difference. Given that keeping up running the cluster all
the time and loging on of many user simultaneously is not the concern. The
cluster may be dedicated to be used by one user whenever required. But it
may be the case that running a code for several days will be required.

Would the desktop board DX38BT be suitable to run the cluster for several
Which Board you recommend for this scenario?

Amjad Ali.
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