Domain Decomposition Method

Matthew Knepley knepley at
Wed Apr 25 19:45:28 CDT 2007

If you have a structured problem, I recommend looking at a DA example.
If it is unstructured, the approach is to create the system matrix as a Mat.
The Additive Schwarz method is a preconditioner (PC) you specify on the
command line -pc_type asm. Theway to find example is to go to the online
webpage help. Below each function is a ist of the examples it is used in.



On 4/25/07, Waad Subber <wsubber at> wrote:
> Hello everyone:
>     I am new to PETSC. Reading the tutorials, I understand that PETSC
> supports domain decomposition with additive Schwartz and iterative
> substructuring (balancing Neumann-Neumann). I am looking for some
> example codes involving these domain decomposition methods for 1D and
> 2D  PDE (preferable linear PDE) so that I can get started. Can anyone
> kindly point me to the right place where I can find them.
> Thanks :)
> waad

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