Questions regarding MatCreateMPIAIJWithArrays

Mads Fredrik Skoge Hoel mfhoel at
Tue Apr 24 11:45:44 CDT 2007

Thank you for your answer. I did not at first understand Barrys
suggestion, but looking at it a second time helped.

So if i got it right there is two options:

1. Barrys suggestion: use code that distributes a SeqAIJ matrix owned by a
single process to multiple processes. Ie. code from

2. Randys suggestion: create an empty distributed MPIAIJ matrix, using
MatCreateMPIAIJ. Have it filled with existing data, distributed or non-
distributed, in an CRS format, and have it assembeled.


> On 4/24/07, Mads Fredrik Skoge Hoel <mfhoel at> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am in a similar situation as Tim. I am starting out with a sequential
>> program using PETSc as a solver and this other library to discretisize.
>> Which hopefully will become a parallel program once run under mpirun.
>> But calling MatCreateMPIAIJWithArrays i get the error message:
>> [0]PETSC ERROR: --------------------- Error Message
>> ------------------------------------
>> [0]PETSC ERROR: Object is in wrong state!
>> [0]PETSC ERROR: Must call MatSetSizes() first!
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> This is the call generating the error message:
>> MatCreateMPIAIJWithArrays(PETSC_COMM_WORLD, n, m, n, m, irow, jcol,
>> &dpA(1), &A);
>> I am probably using the MatCreateMPIAIJWithArrays function wrong or in a
>> wrong context.
>> Is it allowed to call MatCreateMPIAIJWithArrays when running as a
>> uniprocessor application? Or must I use in a multiprocessor context
>> calling MatCreateSeqAIJWithArrays on each processor? And how would a
>> PETSc
>> solver know that local Mat A is part of a global matrix?
> No, this method is for people who already have partitioned their matrix.
> For a
> uniprocessor application, please follow Barry's instructions for the
> Otherwise, you will need to rework your code as Randy pointed out before.
>   Thanks,
>      Matt
>> Any help is highly appreciated.
>> Regards,
>> Mads
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