building petsc for myrinet

SLIM H.A. h.a.slim at
Mon Apr 16 10:49:21 CDT 2007

Dear users

I have been able to build petsc for ethernet interconnect with static
and shared object libraries using the intel compiler and intel's mkl
libraries for lapack/blas. 

Now I want to build the libraries for mpi over myrinet as well.
Using the same configuration arguments as before (and mpiCC wrapping
intel compiler and myrinet libraries) eg

--with-vendor-compilers=intel --with-gnu-compilers=0 --with-shared

now I get the error

         UNABLE to CONFIGURE with GIVEN OPTIONS    (see configure.log
for details):
You set a value for --with-blas-lapack-lib=<lib>, but
'', ''] cannot be used

Examining the configure.log shows that a reference to a pthread function
is undefined:

Possible ERROR while running linker:
/usr/local/Cluster-Apps/intel/mkl/8.0/lib/em64t/ undefined
reference to `pthread_atfork'
 output: ret = 256
error message =
{/usr/local/Cluster-Apps/intel/mkl/8.0/lib/em64t/ undefined
reference to `pthread_atfork'

Should added somewhere in the configuration?

Thanks for any advice


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