HYPRE with multiple variables

Nicolas Bathfield nicolas.bathfield at chalmers.se
Fri Apr 13 03:45:00 CDT 2007


I am solving the Navier-stokes equations and try to use Hypre as
Until now, I used PETSc as non-segregated solver and it worked perfectly.
Things got worse when I decided to use Boomeramg (Hypre).
As I solve a system of PDEs,  each cell is represented by 5 rows in my
matrix (I solve for 5 variables). PETSc handles that without problem
apparently, but the coarsening scheme of Boomeramg needs more input in
order to work properly.

Is there an option in PETSc to tell HYPRE that we are dealing with a
system of PDEs? (something like:  -pc_hypre_boomeramg_...)

Thanks for your help.

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