Process interrupted error

Barry Smith bsmith at
Wed Apr 11 06:55:10 CDT 2007

  Something is sending an interupt signal to all the proccess
except one. We've seen this happen where the "batch or node
scheduler does this to kill a long running job".

  Does it happen even if the parallel vector is real short?

  Does the machine seem to hang at that point or does the sigint
come immediately?

  Can you us the runtime option -start_in_debugger or totalview
to catch the signal?


On Wed, 11 Apr 2007, Knut Erik Teigen wrote:

> Hello,
> I get the following error when trying to copy a solution vector to
> process zero using VecScatterCreateToZero:
> [0] VecScatterCreate(): Special case: processor zero gets entire
> parallel vector, rest get none
> forrtl: error (69): process interrupted (SIGINT)
> forrtl: error (69): process interrupted (SIGINT)
> When running with one or two processes, the code runs fine, but with
> three or more, the above error occurs, with one "process interrupted"
> error for each process minus one. Could someone help me figure out
> what's wrong?
> Regards,
> Knut Erik Teigen

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