Undefined symbol in executing time

Satish Balay balay at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Oct 24 13:38:03 CDT 2006

I have the symbol at the following location..

asterix:/home/balay/soft/petsc-2.2.1/lib/libg/asterix>nm -Ao *.a |grep PETSC_COMM_SELF |grep -v ' U '
libpetsc.a:init.o:0000000c B PETSC_COMM_SELF

Perhaps there were errors when the libraries were built?


On Tue, 24 Oct 2006, Isabel Gil wrote:

> Hello PETSc's users!
> I am trying to use PETSc for the first time along with another library. I
> compile my program without any problem but when I try to execute it, in a
> parallel way, I obtain the following error:
> "symbol lookup error:
> /path_where_PETSc_is_installed/petsc-2.2.1/lib/libg_c++/linux-gnu/libpetscmat.so:
> undefined symbol: PETSC_COMM_SELF"
> I have used the command "nm" and ,effectively, this symbol is undefined. I
> don't really know where the problem is. I am using version 2.2.1
> Any help and advice will be welcome
> Thanks in advance
> Isa

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