matrix assembly

Barry Smith bsmith at
Fri Jun 30 20:04:47 CDT 2006


     There is no routine like this. It would be possible for you or
someone else to provide a routine that worked for a particular matrix format
such as MatCreateSeqAIJFromCoordinates(comm,nz,i,j,values,&mat)
It likely would be essentially like the code you have written except it
would put the values directly into the data structure without having to use
calls to MatSetValues()[You would need to look at MatSetValues_SeqAIJ() to
see one way of getting the data directly in].

    Similar code could be written for MPIAIJ though it gets more complicated
because of the more complicated structure and if you place values off-processor.
It could also be written for only PETSc matrix formats, BAIJ, SBAIJ, Bdiag etc.

   We haven't written this codes because we haven't needed them and much prefer
to simply put the matrix values into the matrix WHEN they are generated rather
then store them in some data-structure that has to be then converted into the
PETSc format.

  If you would like to provide a routine like this we'd be glad to add it
to PETSc and maintain it.


On Fri, 30 Jun 2006, Matt Funk wrote:

> Hi,
> i have a matrix stored in the matrix free format. I.e. an array indicating the
> row number, an array storing the column number and the array of corresponding
> values.
> I was wondering what the best way is to build the PETsC matrix using this. I
> was hoping that there is call to some sparse matrix assembler function to
> which is simply pass these three arrays and it builds the matrix for me.
> However, i did not find anything that simple. So i guess i need to do it row
> by row using the MatSetValues fcn() after allocating the memory for the
> matrix (i.e. pretty much as the procedure described on p.54 of the user
> manual)?
> mat
> On Friday 30 June 2006 14:30, Satish Balay wrote:
>> Added to petsc-dev now.
>> Satish
>> On Fri, 30 Jun 2006, Barry Smith wrote:
>>>    Mathieu,
>>>     Cool, thanks.
>>>    Satish,
>>>     Could you please apply the diff to petsc-dev now and then push
>>> so any future changes anyone makes will be combatiable with the new
>>> code.
>>>     Thanks
>>>      Barry
>>> On Fri, 30 Jun 2006, Mathieu Taillefumier wrote:
>>>> Good morning everybody,
>>>> I finished to modify the code of the library in order to compile the
>>>> complex version with a C compiler. A few numbers of files have been
>>>> modified. This modifications include a modification of the file
>>>> where I put in comment two lines forcing to compile the
>>>> library with a c++ compiler. Since I don't really know python, I just
>>>> put them as a comment, but i think it is better to put a message
>>>> indicating that compiling the complex version of Petsc needs a C90
>>>> compliant compiler (gcc 3.4 and after work, it works also with icc) and
>>>> is experimental. Actually I am working with this modifications and it
>>>> seems to work like a charm (I had no problem with it).
>>>> I still need some time to convert the example programs which do not
>>>> compile but it will be done soon.
>>>> Note for all of us :
>>>>    Don't use the name I as a variable anymore. It is a reserved word of
>>>> the language.
>>>>    For most of us, the modifications must be transparent.
>>>> Regards
>>>> Mathieu

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