New changes for CG set type in 2.3.1-p7 ?

abdul-rahman at abdul-rahman at
Wed Feb 22 05:51:06 CST 2006


On Tue, 21 Feb 2006, Satish Balay wrote:

> petsc-2.3.0 changelog has the following entry:
> >>>
> -ksp_cg_Hermitian and -ksp_cg_symmetric have been changed
> to -ksp_cg_type Hermitian or symmetric

oops, thanks for pointing it out. It works as above. However, I still have
problem with the below:

i've changed the said file to:
>       parameter (KSP_CG_SYMMETRIC=0,KSP_CG_HERMITIAN=1)

But still does not seem to be affected by my routine call:

> >       call KSPCGSetType( ksp, KSP_CG_SYMMETRIC, ierr )

Maybe I goofed up somewhere -  will let you know more about it.

Thanks much,


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