Kubuntu Linux + PETSc Question

Fernando Campos asdfgf at ig.com.br
Tue Dec 19 10:39:44 CST 2006

I tried the option --with-debugging=0 and the performance of my application 
in the sequential case decreased twice. 


However, in Kumbuntu Linux it is less scalable than when using Rocks Cluster 

I am trying to find out why.. we gave up on Rocks due many problems. 

Thanks Berend 

Em (15:41:06), petsc-users at mcs.anl.gov escreveu: 

>Hi Fernando, 
>Have you tried configuring PETSc with the option 
>That should generate optimized code. 
>For using hypre, you can specify 
>Good luck, 
>> Dear All, 
>> I've found that, for my application, the PETSc that comes in Kubuntu 
>> 64 is twice faster than the one we can get in the PETSc's site. I want to 
>> use Hypre in my application, but I don't know how to use Hypre with the 
>> already compiled PETSc library in Kubuntu. Can you give me some hints in 
>> this task? Or maybe tell what should be reason for this difference in 
>> performance.. maybe I need some flags in order to optimize PETSc 
>> from the site? 
>> Thank you. 
>> Fernando Campos 

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