Barry Smith bsmith at
Thu Dec 7 16:49:13 CST 2006


   Depending on what you wish to do it may be very easy. The logging
is all done on a per process basis (each process just logs its stuff).
PetscLogPrintSummary() takes as an argument a communicator and summarizes
all the data over THAT communicator. So it may be as simple as calling
PetscLogPrintSummary() with the subcommunicators you created.

  Good luck,


Now if you have lots of different size subcommunicators that each do
a variety of different computations, untangling the information will be 
much harder.

On Thu, 7 Dec 2006, David Fuentes wrote:

> I would like to create two communicator subgroups of PETSC_COMM_WORLD.
> Is it possible to use the petsc profiling utilities to profile the two
> communicator sub-groups individually?
> thank you,
> David Fuentes

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