Some basic questions about PETSC

Ben Tay zonexo at
Sun Dec 3 21:41:29 CST 2006


I'm still relatively new to PETSC but I've finally managed to solve my own
poisson eqn using it in about a week's time.Thank you for writing such a
good solver.

However, I have some questions still about PETSC:

1. Are petscscaler the same as real nos.? I am writing in double precision
or real(8). So are these 2 interchangeable? (same as petscint and integer).

2. while linking in compaq visual fortran, I get the warning message about
conflict library with LIBCMT. Is it important or can I just ignore it?

3. I am writing in f90 free form format. When I modify from fixed f77 format
to f90, it gives me a lot of error, which seems to be the include file
error. So, is it possible to write in f90 format?

4. I am writing a Navier stokes solver and I'm using PETSC to solve the
poisson eqn. If only the RHS changes with each time step, do I need to call

<insert values in RHS b>

at each time step? I don't think I can (or I should) change values of b
after VecAssemblyBegin,VecAssemblyEnd, or can I?

Thank you very much and have a nice day

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