[petsc-dev] Request to add a PETSc-MUMPS API for null pivot rows

Barry Smith bsmith at petsc.dev
Thu Mar 23 19:11:58 CDT 2023

  Indeed yes. On the GitLab page for your fork there should be a button or something at the top to Submit a Merge Request. We have instructions for submitting MR at https://petsc.org/main/developers/integration/.


> On Mar 23, 2023, at 5:30 PM, Ashish Patel <ashish.patel at onscale.com> wrote:
> Dear Petsc developers,
> Mumps has an interface to enable null pivot row detection via ICNTL(24)=1 and then returns the number of rows detected via INFOG(28). Access to both is currently available via PETSc, however the list of rows detected is available via PIVNUL_LIST only within MUMPS. I have a forked version of PETSc where I added the required code to get the array and was wondering if it's something that could be added in the main branch as well? Main code addition in mumps.c looks like this.
> Thanks
> Ashish
> PetscErrorCode MatMumpsGetPivNullList_MUMPS(Mat F,PetscInt *size,
>                                             PetscInt *array[])
> {
>   Mat_MUMPS *mumps =(Mat_MUMPS*)F->data;
>   PetscFunctionBegin;
>   *size = mumps->id.INFOG(28);
>   if (!mumps->myid) {
>     *array = mumps->id.pivnul_list;
>   }
>   PetscFunctionReturn(0);
> }

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